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 còn mey' bài ney` nữa neh`.... c~ hey lém!

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: còn mey' bài ney` nữa neh`.... c~ hey lém!   18/10/2009, 08:30

1. I suggest that you should ________ them about their plans.
(A) say with
(B) said
(C) tell to
(D) speak to
2. I know somebody ________ can play the guitar.
(A) he
(B) who
(C) what
(D) that he
3. Did you ask your father ________ some money?
(A) -
(B) after
(C) on
(D) for
4. Do you like Greek food? Yes, ________.
(A) it’s very well.
(B) I like
(C) is good
(D) I do
5. You look ________ in red!
(A) most nicely
(B) too nice
(C) nicely
(D) very nice
6. We know their address, but they don’t know ________.
(A) ours
(B) their’s
(C) our’s
(D) our
7. I’d rather be a millionaire. = ________
(A) I’ve been a millionaire.
(B) I’d better be a millionaire.
(C) I’d prefer to be a millionaire.
(D) You have more millions than me.
8. Can you use ________ computer?
(A) a
(B) one
(C) two
(D) an
9. Under no circumstances ________ or exchanged.
(A) good will be returned
(B) goods should be returned
(C) can good be returned
(D) are goods being returned
10. Frank ________ when he noticed a large packing case lying on the floor.
(A) has about to leave
(B) had about to leave
(C) is about to leave
(D) was about to leave
11. He ________ newspapers for ten years.
(A) is selling
(B) sells
(C) has been selling
(D) has been sold
12. This luggage is quite similar to ________.
(A) that one
(B) those
(C) in additional
(D) that
13. Margaret as well as Jane ________ here since last week.
(A) has been
(B) was
(C) were
(D) have been
14. The doctor showed the new nurse ________ to do.
(A) what
(B) that
(C) how
(D) as
15. Frede came to the meeting but Charles ________.
(A) isn’t
(B) hasn’t
(C) didn’t
(D) wasn’t
16. What does he ________ for a living.
(A) make
(B) does
(C) do
(D) makes
17. He was ________ of all his money.
(A) stolen
(B) robbed
(C) removed
(D) taken
18. The murderer was ________ yesterday.
(A) hanging
(B) hung
(C) hanged
(D) hang
19. Don’t let your brothers ________ the present.
(A) to see
(B) seeing
(C) seen
(D) see
20. No, thank you, I don’t ________ sugar in tea.
(A) take
(B) put
(C) eat
(D) drink
2. 1. I come home ________ school in the afternoon.
(A) at
(B) in
(C) from
(D) for
2. When my aunt lost her cat last summer, it turned ________ a week later at a house in the next village.
(A) in
(B) up
(C) over
(D) out
3. My old cat died last year, and I still ________ her.
(A) lack
(B) fail
(C) miss
(D) lose
4. At the first ________ of twelve everybody stopped for lunch.
(A) strike
(B) stroke
(C) moment
(D) minute
5. We ________ her a happy birthday.
(A) wished
(B) said
(C) told
(D) wanted
6. Yesterday Tom ________ me a very interesting story.
(A) tell
(B) tells
(C) told
(D) has told
7. ________ your math course yet?
(A) have you started
(B) had you started
(C) do you start
(D) did you started
8. I ________ from Mike for more than a week.
(A) didn’t hear
(B) don’t hear
(C) doesn’t hear
(D) haven’t heard
9. My friend ________ when the lesson started.
(A) hasn’t arrived
(B) wasn’t arrived
(C) hadn’t arrived
(D) wasn’t arriving
10. Would you please ________ write on the test books?
(A) don’t
(B) not to
(C) not
(D) to not
11. ________ you rather sit by the window?
(A) Don’t
(B) Will
(C) Wouldn’t
(D) Won’t
12. He’s a really annoying person. He’s always getting ________ my nose.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) through
(D) up
13. I’ve never heard such a load of cock and ________ in my life.
(A) pack
(B) bull
(C) fishy
(D) business
14. Britain, for the present, is deeply mired ________ and the future looks uncertain.
(A) in a such mess
(B) in a lot of problems
(C) in a plethora of utility
(D) in economic troubles
15. When water is heated, it will change into ________.
(A) bubble
(B) foam
(C) vapour
(D) torrent
16. Each of them ________ to bring ________ own book to the next class.
(A) are … his
(B) is … theirs
(C) is … his
(D) are … its
17. Penquay is ________ a nice place that they want to live there.
(A) such
(B) so
(C) so that
(D) such as
18. A sword will only draw blood if it actually ________ the skin.
(A) sticks
(B) pierces
(C) thrusts
(D) pricks
19. Before joining a course of study you must fill in a long ________ form.
(A) inscription
(B) enrolment
(C) reception
(D) inception
20. You can see a second-hand car only if it is in reasonably good ________.
(A) guarantee
(B) state
(C) condition
(D) standing
3. 1. The bridge goes ________ the river.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) for
(D) over
2. Tell me the reason ________ you said that.
(A) why
(B) which
(C) because
(D) for
3. I shall be working late ________ office this evening.
(A) at the
(B) at
(C) in
(D) to the
4. Bill has ________ his job and gone back to college.
(A) let off
(B) given up
(C) passed up
(D) withdrawn
5. I don’t think he would mind ________ there with me.
(A) going
(B) go to
(C) go
(D) to go
6. This is the woman ________ the artist said posed as a model for the painting.
(A) who
(B) whom
(C) which
(D) whose
7. Sending ________ “special delivery” costs about fifteen times as much as sending it “regular delivery”.
(A) mails
(B) a mail
(C) a piece of mail
(D) pieces of a mail
8. I was just ________ to go out when you telephoned.
(A) around
(B) about
(C) thinking
(D) planned
9. The dentist told him to open his mouth ________.
(A) broad
(B) much
(C) greatly
(D) wide
10. You will spend at least one year working abroad ________ you can find out how things operate overseas.
(A) because
(B) so as to
(C) so that
(D) as long as
11. The young girl carefully ________ left and right before crossing the road.
(A) watched
(B) glanced
(C) stared
(D) looked
12. You really can’t ________ a thing that woman says!
(A) believe
(B) rely
(C) count
(D) imagine
13. His house is nothing out of the ________; it’s just an average four-room house.
(A) normal
(B) typical
(C) ordinary
(D) usual
14. Fortunately, Boston’s traditional swanboat rides provide ________ from the city’s summer heat.
(A) an expensive way to escape
(B) a poor relief
(C) a dismal hiatus
(D) a restful respite
15. ________ people can live without any money.
(A) few
(B) a few
(C) little
(D) a little
16. In ________ cases it is clear who it is that is responsible for a marriage break-up.
(A) few
(B) a few
(C) little
(D) a little
17. When their mother died, the children were ________ by their Aunt Mary.
(A) brought in
(B) brought round
(C) brought to
(D) brought up
18. I intended to write to you several times, but something was always ________.
(A) interferes
(B) has interfered
(C) interfered
(D) was interfering
19. He wants to go there and she ________.
(A) wants too
(B) wants also
(C) does either
(D) does, too
20. I should like to become a ________ of your club.
(A) fellow
(B) associate
(C) member
(D) colleague
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